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CCIF Cyprus NGO was established in 2016 by a group of young professionals to foster inclusive, peaceful and just local societies free from hate, fear and violence. CCIF Cyprus is active in the field of intercultural integration, promoting and realizing cultural events, training and informative seminars for the youth.
MISSIONed to support social inclusion of all citizens, especially youth, including those with fewer opportunities and immigrants.
With the VISION to empower youth irrespective of gender, social, cultural, or educational background for active citizenship, volunteering, mutual understanding and sustainable development.
With the PURPOSE to equip youth from local and surrounding communities with artistic, digital, life and employability skills to access today’s labour market.



The association of social promotion Petit Pas was founded in Trani (BT) – Puglia – Italy, in 2015. Petit Pas aims at the development of education, training and entrepreneurship of young people, women, migrants and the disabled in Puglia (IT) and abroad. To achieve these goals Petit Pas has an ongoing collaboration
with leading universities, schools, associations, NGO’s and research organisations in Puglia for the development of projects, training and educational material. Petit Pas was born from the desire to help the NEETs of its territory in order to create a place of reactivation, development and support. In its headquarters (at a co-working space), Petit Pas helps newly graduated young people gain basic knowledge about entrepreneurial and employability skills required to make them job ready; such as CV writing skills, self-presentations and presentations skills in general; attending a winning interview; main aspects of leadership and team work, creativity, time management and project management.



DIGITAL IDEA is a Scientific Association, representing higher education graduates and professionals with an established interest in the application and diffusion of new technologies in Education, Health, Culture, Environment and any other human activity. Its members are professionals in large public and private organizations, university professors, youth workers, adult educators and high school teachers.
Our general purposes are:
 Participation in European programs and National programs
 Supporting and promoting Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Quality
 Promotion of New Technologies in socially excluded groups which are not treated equally.



Association Murtila (Murtila is ancient, local name for basilicum, and it symbolizes aims of the association: tradition, agriculture, local and rural development…) is a young, newfound association in 2016. It gathered people who have great and long experience in working in socio-culture projects and
different EU projects.
The association was founded in order to promote, develop and improve the excellence of social, creative and cultural activities.
The field of action is culture and art, intercultural dialogue, civil society development, local community development, international cooperation, sustainable development (rural development, sustainable tourism).
Goals are carried out in the following activities:
• Organizing seminars, forums, workshops, events, events
• Transfer of knowledge in practice on issues of sustainable development and environmental protection, industrial heritage, cultural values, social equality and youth problems
• Development of creative ideas (innovations) and animation of young people for action in urbanand rural areas
• Promotion of natural and cultural values ​​of Croatia abroad and in the country
• Branding and promotion of creative and cultural values
• Promoting cultural and educational activities for children and young people

Instagram: Udruga Murtila


The European Development Innovation Network (EDInet) is a group of social innovators committed to delivering sustainable social, environmental and economic development and innovation. We work with organisations and partnerships, across sectors and borders, to develop ideas and address pressing and emerging issues. Our Network works together for a fairer world and greater prosperity for us all. EDInet’s profit is reinvested in community projects and social inovation.
Our vision is to be an exemplar in the support and development of vibrant, creative, resilient and effective organisations and communities through social innovation. With the increasing complexity of technology and policies, today’s organisations need more diversified skills and expertise to develop and grow. EDInet aims to meet this need by providing professional services in a number of subjects based
around strategy, EU funding, networking, training and feasibility studies.