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Workshop in Cyprus

What is Branding

Why is Branding Important in Education

Applied projects

How to create your own branded content

Personal Branding Matters


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How to Design a basic lay out of a guided tour

Youth works with mentors to design an 1 day guided tour in the town of Paphos

MENTORES-Youth workshop

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Workshop in Greece

The workshop aimed to explore the New Digital Marketing Environment and investigate the Communication Strategies that can be applied in the Tourism sector.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Tourism – Workshop

Click on this link to access the Digital Idea Workshop!

Workshop in Italy

Time management is one of the most difficult skills to develop. During this workshop you will find 3 practical techniques to find the time for your dreams.


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Workshop in Croatia

The workshop aimed to build ideas of youngsters, and to show how to start the business in agritourism sector.

Subject: Introducing training, workshop of building the business, reinterpretation of tourism in rural areas in continental Croatia.

We identified the needs of the youngsters, their ideas and with help of their mentors we build small projects together (one mentor – one youngster)

Start your business in tourism - Workshop

Dowloand material

Workshop in UK

To help people develop on hone business ideas

To assist people to be able to move to the next stage

Ideation means to conceive or generate an idea and implement it. Ideas are the result of mental activity that can be based on past or present knowledge, thoughts, opinions, convictions or principles.

Ideation means to conceptualiSe an idea. It is the thought processes involved in apprehending and expressing a new concept, often in a graphical format.

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Ideation & Business Model Canvas Training Session (1)