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Intergenerational Tourism

In a time when generational groups relationships are mostly superficial or non-existent, MY TOWN YOUR TOWN Project is proposing research/experimentations of intergenerational tourism faced on fight against the increasing distance among the generations.
Computer languages, one of the main obstacles to communication between generations, become a tool of the relationship between elderly and young people. The research data analysis shows that computer’s lab tasks and digital photography activities, historic trails and nature trails during the holyday, help the knowledge and the relationship between people of different generation, in overcoming stereotypes and prejudices.
As during workshop, during leisure as well, the research highlights the intergroup relations evolution that, from an approach phase it evolves towards the acquaintance among the attendants, up to generate moments of real empathy. The group, consolidated through the three phases, generates a new phase of “creativity”, orienting projects of sociocultural and environmental sustainability.
We believe that intergenerational tourism is an innovative communication formula between generations.
Let’s get to work!