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Italian Project Team

Today we are working for the project “My Town Your Town”.

My Town Your Town [MTYT] is an Eramus+ training project that will raise youth employability, skills and inclusion through intergenerational tourism development. The key feature of the project is for youth, aged 18 to 30 to work with older mentors to produce a new interpretation, a new narrative, for an existing or new tourism or cultural destination in their local area, positioning it in a way that will better represent the values of the EU and the multi-cultural facets of the host community, and to better appeal to 21st century visitors.

They will do this through an active learning and mentoring programme developed by the partners, representing Cyprus, Italy, Croatia and Greece, and an expert partner from Scotland, UK.

To reach this the project will use sustainable tourism training for the young people, develop and pilot the innovative interpretation metods with them, the mentors and local SME tourism related businesses.

If you are interested in this project, contact us!