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A new interpretation of Castle del Monte

A new interpretation of Castel del Monte has born from the team work carried out by the European organization Petit Pas and the students of Liceo  F. de Sanctis of Trani.

Last 3rd of Febrary of 2021, a group of 18-years old students hold and online event in which they presented their work within the project My Town Your Town aimed to give a new interpretation to the local culture. During the 2019/2020 school year, the students were involved in a 20-hour work regarding the intergenerational reinterpretation of tourist attractions.

Based on their experience and guided by a mentor, the students organized themselves in order to create a formal presentation of their work which included a general overview of the project, a description of their work and a collection of brief interviews in which they told their own feelings and perceptions on the project.

General overview of the project

To start with, the students prepared a online presentation explaining the main features of the project My Town Your Town defined as  “an Erasmus project addressed to people aged 18 to 30 in order to improve their skills in representing the values of the EU through a new turism interpretation”.

Students’ experience

In addition, the students exposed the work they had done the previous academic year which was divided in two main tasks.


The students revived the studies of the art historian Arturth Haseloff.

They focused their work on the castles of their area, such as Barletta, Bisceglie and Trani. 

According to the students report, “Itinerhaseloff’s work reaches its climax with a sensory experience through music and a short presentation of the castles and their drawings.”



The main purpose of this part of the project was to create a physical representation of Castel Del Monte.

Firstly, the students used recycled materials to build a miniature of this castle.

Later, they completed the project by creating a simple app with Metaverse for explaining Haseloff’s tour with three-dimensional images and representations.

The work the students have done during this project is visible on the following Instagram accounts:

Finally, the resulting app of the Castel del Monte is available for the public at:


Ainhoa- Petit Pas Volunteer

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