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“BE YOUR FUTURE – E-LEARNING PLATFORM” The 3rd Multiplier Event in Italy

The 3rd Multiplier Event in Italy “BE YOUR FUTURE – E-LEARNING PLATFORM” of the project My Town your Town, took place in Trani on July 21st 2021.

The event that counted the involvement of 31 partecipants, was divided in two sessions:

the first one, where information on the Intellectual Outputs, with a particular focus on the intellectual output 3 the “Be your future e-learning platform” was shared, considering the background, the methodology, the target group, the evaluation and the key findings and results as such through speakers and projection presentation.

After a short break during the second session, were implemented round tables with participants in order to organise debate and discussions on the topics from the firs session. Asking Participants to actively contribute and involve themselves in the event dynamics based on participatory approaches that encourage interaction, dialogue, critical reflection and proposals for action.


At the end of the second session were collected feedbacks to evaluate the event thanks to the platform Mentimeter were participants were asked to write a word to describe and evaluate in their opinion the project and its results.


Before the event was organized a promotional campaign aimed at Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and their youth workers; national institutions; local and regional authorities; academia and research; representatives of the private sector; media and social networks; to reach the overall objective of the activity of encouraging discussions between policymakers and project practitioners on the topic of the project.


The feedback collected were all very positive towards the project and its results, in particular the online platform which was evaluated by the participants as a useful and versatile tool containing resources that can certainly be spent also in areas outside the project.