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Meetings whit Stakeholders

13th of April 2019

During the meeting that took place at the premises of  KEPLI PAFOU, Mr.George Tsielepos ,the president of the youth council of the municipality of Pafos was present.

He was informed by the volunteers of CCIF Cyprus about the goals and objectives of the project My Town Your Town

Mr.Tsielepos, after greeting  the attendees he mentioned the importance of involving young persons in innovative actions.He gave  very interesting information on tourism in Cyprus and especially  in the city of Pafos. He mentioned the importance of the Cultural Haritage of Pafos and how much it helps in the tourism sector

Mr.Tsielepos also developed the new agenta for the tourism development for young persons that relies on the tradition of Culture and stressed that the theme of the project My Town Your Town is very important as to the  development of new ideas. He congratulated CCIF Cyprus and the partnership for its significant contribution.

CCIF Cyprus